Bella Baby 3D - Home - fresno, CA
Bella Baby 3D - A 3D window to your baby
Welcome to Bella Baby 3D,where we perform elective 3d,4d and gender peek ultrasounds. We are now open so please call to schedule an appointment. 
We have created a family friendly environment for all to enjoy the window to
your baby . At Bella Baby3d we understand what a special time this is for parents to be, we try to maintain superior customer service. It is important to note that I
am a ARDMS licensed sonographer with extensive ultrasound training . There are
other facilities that claim to be sonographers and have no real training , so please
be careful when choosing a facility. However there are times when even the most
experienced sonographer cannot get optimal face pictures depending on babies
position and maternal factors. We never guarantee great pictures for this reason.
 Please note: this is a non diagnostic elective ultrasound, clients should be under
the care of a health care provider, to determine due date ,anomalies ,and viability.
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